Their Bias - Episode 1

October 25, 2021

The first episode of Their ABC focuses on the ABC’s bias against mainstream viewpoints and how on two of its main programs, Q+A and 4 Corners, are biased against conservative views. We delve into the ABC’s coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, and how its most prominent expert, Dr Norman Swan, was consistently proven wrong.

The ABC’s charter obliges it to reflect the cultural diversity of Australia. Yet, as you will hear from prominent Australians from politics and media in this episode, at the ABC every diversity is represented, except for a diversity of views.Featured in this episode: Tony Abbott, Janet Albrechtsen, Rowan Dean, Maurice Newman, John Anderson, Nick Cater, Chris Mitchell, Claire Chandler, James Paterson, George Christensen and many more.

Written and presented by Evan Mulholland. Produced by Mitchell Schomburgk and James (

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