How to fix the ABC - Episode 5

How to fix the ABC - Episode 5

November 22, 2021

In the final episode of Their ABC: What’s wrong with the ABC and how to fix it, we explore the origins of the ABC and how to fix the ABC. What reform options are available to policy makers? Privatisation is often discussed and feared, we look at how to do it. A subscription service for the ABC is a policy proposal often discussed in public debate, we look at how one would work. Exclusive polling reveals Australians believe its unfair that people who don’t pay for the ABC are forced to pay for it.

Featured in this episode: Peta Credlin, Chris Mitchell, Chris Berg, Sinclair Davidson, Janet Albrechtsen, Maurice Newman, Rowan Dean and many more.

Their Inner City - Episode 4

Their Inner City - Episode 4

November 15, 2021

The fourth episode of ‘Their ABC: What’s wrong with the ABC and how to fix it’ Their Inner City explores how the ABC is structurally and geographically biased against mainstream Australia, and why this is such a big problem.

The ABC should care about regional Australians. Not just in the sense its in the ABC’s charter to represent them, but because if there is one demographic in Australia that relies on the ABC for news – it’s regional Australia.

And yet this demographic that the ABC should be appealing to are constantly ignored. Instead the ABC only speaks to the concerns of inner-city Australians – which is not surprising when ABC journalists live, work and socialise in inner-city suburbs around Ultimo in Sydney or Southbank in Melbourne.

Featured in this episode: Bridget McKenzie, Tony Abbott, Peta Credlin, Matt Canavan, George Christensen, Nicolle Flint, Chris Kenny, Dave Sharma and many more.

Their Echo Chamber - Episode 3

Their Echo Chamber - Episode 3

November 8, 2021

The third episode of 'Their ABC: What's wrong with the ABC and how to fix it' Their Echo Chamber looks on the ABC’s disconnect from the mainstream.

Twitter is a platform full of green-left activists, and anonymous troll accounts, yet ABC staff use it religiously as a vox pop and to reinforce their own views.

This episode looks at its Twitter activism, recent scandals surrounding staff social media activism, including from one of its most prominent journalists, Louise Milligan.

This episode looks at how this echo-chamber led to one almighty blunder at the 2019 Federal Election.

Featured in this episode: Chris Kenny, Andrew Bragg, Sarah Henderson, Dave Sharma, Chris Mitchell, Gemma Tognini, Phillip Booth, James McGrath and many more.

Their Obsessions - Episode 2

Their Obsessions - Episode 2

November 1, 2021

The second episode of ‘Their ABC: What’s wrong with the ABC and how to fix it’ Their Obsessions, looks at the ABC’s obsessions with identity politics and climate change.

Identity politics is a divisive ideology that has taken over our cultural institutions, but it is particularly overwhelming at the ABC.  From deciding the term “Invasion Day” can be used interchangeably with “Australia Day” to its radical use of quotas in its diversity guidelines, identity politics has well and truly taken over the public broadcaster.

This episode looks at how the ABC got caught engaging in activism on climate change, and how they cancelled Dr Peter Ridd.

Featured in this episode: Tony Abbott, Mark Latham, Bella d’Abrera, John Anderson, Peter Ridd, Matt Canavan, Claire Chandler, Alex Antic, Eric Abetz and many more.

Their Bias - Episode 1

Their Bias - Episode 1

October 25, 2021

The first episode of Their ABC focuses on the ABC’s bias against mainstream viewpoints and how on two of its main programs, Q+A and 4 Corners, are biased against conservative views. We delve into the ABC’s coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, and how its most prominent expert, Dr Norman Swan, was consistently proven wrong.

The ABC’s charter obliges it to reflect the cultural diversity of Australia. Yet, as you will hear from prominent Australians from politics and media in this episode, at the ABC every diversity is represented, except for a diversity of views.Featured in this episode: Tony Abbott, Janet Albrechtsen, Rowan Dean, Maurice Newman, John Anderson, Nick Cater, Chris Mitchell, Claire Chandler, James Paterson, George Christensen and many more.

Written and presented by Evan Mulholland. Produced by Mitchell Schomburgk and James (

Their ABC - Trailer

Their ABC - Trailer

October 15, 2021
Their ABC: What’s wrong with the ABC and how to fix it. A unique documentary podcast by the Institute of Public Affairs.

You will hear from high profile guests like Tony Abbott, Maurice Newman, Janet Albrechtsen, Rowan Dean and John Anderson AO, media commentators like Chris Mitchell, Gemma Tongini, Chris Kenny and Peta Credlin and over a dozen Members of Parliament including Mark Latham, Nicolle Flint, Matt Canavan, James Paterson, Andrew Bragg and many, many more. 

We will be highlighting the problems with the ABC: Its bias against conservatives and hostility to conservative viewpoints, the vendettas it runs against other media organisations, its obsessions with identity politics and climate change, its inner city focus and bias against the regions.

Written and presented by IPA Director of Communications Evan Mulholland. Produced by Mitchell Schomburgk and James Bolt.

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